Organic Shatavari

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Promotes Female Hormonal Balance

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GMOs, Gluten, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Dairy. Vegan.

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Promotes Female Hormonal Balance

Shatavari translates from its native language as 'she with a hundred children,' but many say it would be better translated as 'she who can tolerate a hundred children.' Either way, it is a specific adaptogen for female hormones, ushering balance and peacefulness in a myriad of ways to promote menstrual cycle comfort.Shatavari supports normal levels of hormonal secretion and acts as a galactagogue to promote normal lactation in nursing women. It has been used in a variety of ways throughout the centuries. The tubers were once candied and eaten as a sweetmeat. It was also used topically in Ayurveda for its cooling properties.



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Adults: take 2 caplets per day before food

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