Imaginary Authors

Short Story Collection

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Glimpses Into A Larger Narrative

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Glimpses Into A Larger Narrative

'There is only one way into a memory and no way out.'Take a peek into the larger narrative of Imaginary Authors with this expansive sampler of unique scents. The eight miniature fragrances within offer a glimpse at the breadth and repertoire of the fragrance house, all while telling their own captivating stories. Includes 2ml samples of the following: - A City on Fire Eau de Parfum - O, Unknown Eau de Parfum - Every Storm a Serenade Eau de Parfum - Cape Heartache Eau de Parfum - Yesterday Haze Eau de Parfum - Memoirs of a Trespasser Eau de Parfum - Slow Explosions Eau de Parfum - Saint Julep Eau de Parfum

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