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Slow Explosions EDP

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Aim and Fire

Origin: USA
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Scent: Saffron
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Aim and Fire

In 1980, Gwen K. Vroomen quit a monotonous job, went to the corner bar, and ? on the bartender's urging ? threw a dart at a world map tacked on the wall. She had never heard of Goa but knew immediately she needed to go. Three months later she was celebrating Hindu New Year at a tea garden high in the hills of Kerala, fireworks exploding below. She wrote of that night: ?I was resuscitated by color, redeemed by the vibrant unknown.? Her self-proclaimed ?Journey out of darkness,? dotted with unforgettable stories of night markets, river floats, and harrowing moped rides, inspired a generation of young Americans eager to buck the drudgery of ordinary life. Slow Explosions unfurls over skin with the playful buzz of a perfectly balanced cocktail rolling out onto the tongue. Saffron's electric quality illuminates the beginning of this scent, a twinkling light that beckons us towards the action. We know we've arrived when we meet rose; absolutely concentrated but splendidly transparent, this bloom affords Slow Explosions all of its manifold charm. Rose is playfully fruity yet austerely beautiful, a floral energy that excites as it comforts. Leather reinforces rose's dualistic warmth, adding a welcome snap of clear cut animalism that makes the heart of Slow Explosions delightfully spry on skin. When leather cracks, we feel as if something big has happened, a little moment transformed into a revelation, like the soft thud of Gwen K. Vroomen's dart hitting on her destiny, Goa, on the map. Apple mirrors the delicious crunch of glass under a wedding shoe, fall leaves under bare feet, a decision to move forward commemorated by the sound of compression and opening up. As apple's aqueous tang leavens this darkening composition, benzoin sizzles in the background like a golden brown sunset, a horizon seething with sweet, undiscovered potential. Cashmeran is as velvety as the cool night air, as we walk into the dark and know we must rise again tomorrow, and keep exploring. As cashmeran softly caresses, a trace of spicy cacophony, the Arpora Night Market, blows towards us on a wind, pulling us further and further into our journey. A slow burn, this thriller of a fragrance affords us a sense of both immediate action and delicious anticipation. WHEN TO WEAR: With pops of rose and hits of saffron, this scent explodes on the skin and awakens the senses. Every inhale will open you up to the idea of escape, push you to take risks, and embolden you to get truly lost. Let us know how it goes. Notes: Saffron, Rose Absolute, Leather, Apple, Benzoin, Cashmeran, Arpora Night Market.

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