La Liturgie des Heures EDP

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Peace and Quiet

Origin: France
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Peace and Quiet

Liturgy of the Hours evokes the image of an old monastery where the scent of burning incense fills the air just like the chanting of daily prayers. The bright top notes that illuminate the initial moments of La Liturgie mimic golden-green glimmers of light that pass through the ancient, gravity inflected stained glass. As this light falls over marble and carved wood, tiny notes of dust illuminate and begin to sparkle. A breath of fresh air, cypress, blows over this interior stillness and momentarily brings the wood aspects of this interior back to life. As trees grow from pews and podiums, incense unfurls between burgeoning branch and leaf, a Phoenix-like natural phenomenon in this sacred space. Olibanum is herbaceous and darkly sweet while cistus is more distinctly floral. Myrrh weaves in and out of the two, a verdant bitter bracing powerhouse. As these three smokes intertwine (creating an incense Holy Trinity) the softest hint of musk emerges at the base of this scent, a faint trace of the imminence of bodies disrupting this stillness. Contemplative, refreshing and profoundly green La Liturgie des Heures' fantastic smoke makes us float in rapture while its piney, solid comfort keeps us fundamentally grounded. (fresh, green, cypress, incense, olibanum, cistus, myrrh, musk)

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