Psychedelique Eau de Parfum

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Trip On, Patchouli

Origin: France
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Trip On, Patchouli

Psychedelic: a great patchouli fragrance, dark and smoky, ambered, generous and opulent? Even the rain and mud of Woodstock won't wash it away. In fact this fragrance flies in the face of accusatory mutters that patchouli is a ?hippie' flourish; though a natural beauty, this scent isn't limited by its earthy roots. Hesperidium notes make Psychedelique shimmer, not unlike the blurring edges of our peripheral vision as a tab dissolves between synapses. Rose is a relatively lightweight note, a stabilizing air of grace in this paisley-wavy scent. Geranium injects a bright tang, a citric luminosity that is refracted through the multidimensional light absorbing properties of amber. Amber is as thick as chalk yet translucent, transmitting the acid-floral energy of the top of Psychedelique into something more suitable for skin. Patchouli and cistus continue this translation process, contributing a smoky sweetness that very subtly references the stank burn of another edible, intoxicating green. Vanilla imparts a rich, treacly texture that is neither overwhelming nor retiring. Musk connotes the sensation of bodies in motion, skin to skin contact that is both of this earth and another plane. Psychedelique sparkles with consciousness-expanding energy while it sits with regal, confident poise on skin. Think beyond your patchouli preconceptions and explore a whole other dimension through the gorgeous, melting contours of Psychedelique. (fresh hesperidium, floral rose, geranium, ambered, woody (patchouli, cistus, gum cistus), vanilla, musk)

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