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MMMM... Eau De Parfum

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Origin: France
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?MMMM? I was thinking about this indescribable onomatopoeia when I created the fragrance. Behind that sound, that murmur, pronounced almost internally, lies a world of hidden pleasures that goes beyond words? A gourmand accord vanilla and neroli. An olfactive sweetness that regales the senses and provokes immediate pleasure. MMMM may smell like a forbidden fruit, but it's highly advisable.' - Romano Ricci Entirely irresistible: like an encouraging, ambiguous murmur, MMMM encourages you to keep sniffing, spraying, and stinking up your space with this airful of possibility. At first MMMM is tangy, the sauciness that underscores frankly flirtatious behavior. Like a perfectly ripe fruit, the initial sweet-tartness of MMMM begs to be bitten, it's naughty flavor is so conspicuous. Gradually, MMMM resolves into a more luxurious, less obvious distraction. Indeed, MMMM regains control of our quickly beating hearts by mysteriously maintaining a dual approach to seduction. First, there is vanilla: a pristine, placid and opaque surface that defies gravity. As this otherworldly vanilla engulfs us, we are profoundly comforted, as if ensconced in the downy layers of a silken, hand spun chrysalis. In vanilla we feel safe, even embedded in this landscape of temptation...until orange blossom. Throbbing beneath the golden placid glow of vanilla, a fiery flower burns. Melting, morphing and mimicking the ever changing shape of desire, orange blossom is simultaneously burnt caramel and insinuating, indolically floral. Essentially, this flower takes up space, just like a heart worn on a sleeve. Sandalwood is a faintly cool background, the arborous infusion needed to keep orange blossom's fires raging. Sandalwood adjudicates the distance between these classic core elements. MMMM is both ablaze, like passion awoken and a silent ardor. A glowing orb of delectable proportion, MMMM illustrates the merry tussle of the yin and yang ideal in tangible taste and ephemeral love. (vanilla, orange blossom, sandalwood)

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