Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap

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Straight from the Sea

Origin: USA
Scent: Sea
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Straight from the Sea

A product that is quickly rising in popularity around the world, sea salt soap provides a variety of benefits over traditional bath products. Full of strong minerals ranging from magnesium to calcium, it is an easy way to cleanse and energize your skin as you shower. Users of Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap will find that their skin is healthier and softer, and that their baths are more refreshing every day. We carry the world renowned Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap from Kala, so you can find the best product in the world and stay stocked up on the bath products you enjoy most! Perfect for use before or during a wash, this soap is great for a variety of purposes. Lather it onto your body before you get into the shower and let it absorb the toxins from your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and healthy all day. It can also be used as a powerful cleansing face wash, or even a shave soap. Because of its ability to make skin softer and healthier, it is the perfect personal care product to use all over your body, especially in conjunction with other soothing products. It is known to support blood circulation, so the ingredients in other products you use are more readily absorbed by your skin. Not only will sea salt soap make your skin healthier, it will increase the effectiveness of the rest of your favorite products as well! Another great benefit of sea salt soap is that it is long lasting. Heavier and denser due to the additional mineral content over conventional soaps, you will get more uses and more baths between replacing bars, causing them to last up to twice as long as the products found in department stores. Give your daily bathing ritual a boost and see the difference Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap can make for your skin!


Sodium palmate (derived from Rainforest Alliance raw material), sodium cocoate, water (aqua), glycerin, Sea salt essence fragrance, titanium dioxide, sodium gluconate, citric acid, helianthus annuus (sunflower seed wax), sodium chloride, sea salts (Maris sal)

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