Mangrove Hair Conditioner

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More than 95% of all hair conditioners available over the counter or from salons contain a form of silicone. Many contain multiple forms of the chemical to coat and encase the hair shaft. The results are a high shine that leaves hair very organized. The problem with silicones is that they coat the scalp and pores as equally as they do the hair. Many dermatologists believe that silicones along with sulfates are a primary cause of premature baldness in men and women. Keys Care searched the world for a natural conditioner ingredient that would operate like silicone, but without the negative properties. In fact, one of their criteria was that it had to help condition the scalp as well. What they discovered was a natural conditioner called Brassica. It resembles pure natural coconut, but without the stripping characteristics of coconut. It has a low acidity level so it mirrors the skin and scalp condition. Mangrove Conditioner contains Brassica and other natural oils in a concentrated conditioning cream.


avocado oil, shea butter, black cumin oil, aloe vera, brassica oil, blood orange essential oil, sage essential oil, purified water, vegetable glycerin, vegetable wax

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