Concentrated Beard Oil

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Thicker & Easier To Apply

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Thicker & Easier To Apply

Layrite's Concentrated Beard Oil helps hydrate the beard and the skin beneath it. When it comes to beard oil effectiveness, the key is distribution. Just slathering a bunch of liquidy oil on your beard does nothing to keep it healthier. In fact, it has the opposite effect. Liquidy beard oils are often too thin to penetrate to the skin and often leaves the beard looking and feeling greasy all day long. That is why Layrite created a revolutionary, thicker, easier to apply, less woodsy and less greasy beard and skin conditioner called Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil. Expertly formulated by barbers, its thicker consistency makes it easier to deliver superb moisturization to hair and skin, leaving your beard feeling softer, healthier and well groomed. Why Thicker Is Better: - Easier to apply, making your beard faster to groom and easier to maintain - Easier to evenly distribute into your beard hair and actually get down to your skin - Absorbs in your beard, not on your shirt - Won't leave hands overly greasy - Tames the beard as well, keeping it looking groomed longer The tube packaging is designed to help eliminate mess, so that you don't have to fuss with droppers, tiny caps or delicately spilling oil into your hand, counter, and clothes. Say farewell to beard-ruff! It happens to all of us. When you neglect the skin beneath your beard for too long it can begin to feel dry and scratchy. When you scratch it, your beard begins to snow like a White Christmas. Just another reason why the proper distribution of a beard oil is so important. The unique blends of natural oils and emollients in Layrite's Concentrated Beard Oil soften and tame your beard hair making it feel less ''tuggy'' on the skin. Vitamin-rich oils penetrate down to the skin quickly making it soft and supple and eliminating ''beard-ruff'' without feeling greasy. Layrite's Concentrated Beard Oil comes with the signature mild cream soda vanilla scent you've come to expect from Layrite products. It is instantly delicious (like eating a cookie) but not overpowering. It won't interfere with your cologne or any other products you use.


Sweet Almond Oil, Soybean Oil, Avocado Oil and Argan Oil conditions and smooth the hair while creating a protective barrier on the skin to help lock in moisture and prevent ?beardruff.?

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Dispense desired amount between hands and thoroughly work into your beard.
For short-medium beards, use up to a dime-size application.
For long beards, use a nickel to quarter size application.
Guys with longer beards should comb through and shape with their favorite beard brush or comb.

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