Baraonda Extrait de Parfum

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Raw Taste Sensation

Origin: Italy
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Raw Taste Sensation

?The fragrance creates raw taste sensation. The result of a quest to evoke the powerful and mighty whisper of an olfactory stirring, which magically rejoins the whole and the nothing.? The Nose. A wild wave that sucks us up into its undertow and drowns us in multi sensory explosion: Baraonda is an elemental mash up that smells distinctly of infinite possibility. At first we are relatively grounded, and enjoy the vivid sweetness of something resembling fruit, ripened slowly on a long, winding vine. As the tannin rich tang of this grape-like musk suffuses our senses, our gaze rolls over rows and rows of this orderly vineyard, gorgeously shimmering in the early morning light. The tiny droplets of dew strewn over taught skins mirror, microscopically, the wild ocean beyond. We imagine its briny bustle. We are flown from the night-cooled crystallized sugars of fruit, the wild pull of the sea the engine that pushes us further and further into the beautiful turbulence of Baraonda. A new pattern emerges: a navy-teal plait of clouds forms, around a central silver sliver of saline energy. Suddenly, we drop, the salty mercury of Baraonda's core an urgent plummet. We dive into the unknown, and resurface amidst a smooth, subtle substance, like silent whispering white foam bubbling into oblivion. As this opalescence evaporates, we are again relocated. Embedded in the creamy herbal balm of mountains, we find the cool sugars of ripe fruit has gone to seed--anise seed, to be (im)precise. A quiet, incalculable green grows up around us. We rest atop the dulcet piquant funk of molting skins, fallen leaves, and broken twigs. Moving from bright dawn to the dim cool, Baraonda consoles and excites us everywhere and all at once. Like a great wine, this wild scent beats like hot blood but smells of buried centuries. Witness its indecipherable cipher.

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