Narcotic Venus Extrait de Parfum

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Pink Is A Lifestyle, And A Smell

Origin: Netherlands
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Scent: Floral
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Pink Is A Lifestyle, And A Smell

''The fragrance is the result of a quest for the overwhelming addictive intensity of female sexual power.'' The Nose. While white floral scents can run the gamut from sickeningly sweet to searingly bright, Narcotic Venus understands the trick to heady scents; to make us flip over heels (without an ache), the luminous, high-intensity energy of florals must be grounded in some earthly, sensual heft. Speculators sight tuberose, jasmine and lily as the main stars of this fantastic fragrance, but gardenia, camellia or a white rose are just as likely to be found in this mix. The bottom line is Narcotic Venus is seemingly a purely floral fragrance, yet it maintains an aerodynamic precision and weightless, painless multi-dimensionality that seemingly defies perfume logic. Like an injection of sunlight-produced pollen to an iron-dark blood stream, Narcotic Venus illuminates us from the inside out and frees our hearts of any less-than-positive minutiae. In this fragrant landscape, all appears to be lush and gleaming, yet the principle on which this scent functions mandates that a less visible background of carefully articulated, angular petals and stems is the frame through which this portrait of beauty best shines forth. Radiant, temptingly (yet not overwhelmingly) sweet and grounded by a green, soil-like density, Narcotic Venus demonstrates how the success of this eternally popular variety of scent lies in the carefully constructed, thoughtful embrace of (invisible) shades of greens and browns against which the gorgeous, petal-thick heads of these plentiful flowers pop. The playful spirit of Narcotic Venus is best communicated by the light, pink color the perfume displays in the bottle. The taut, seamless, natural beauty of Narcotic Venus endows the wearer with inestimable elegance and sensuous allure.

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