Orto Parisi

Megamare Parfum

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An aromatic, aquatic unisex fragrance

Origin: Italy
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An aromatic, aquatic unisex fragrance

Sights. It is an eternal feeling, endless breathing, a call towards all and nothing — here, there, everywhere.

The sea takes you to the shores of new lands, and calls you to meet down there  — Through the salty layers toward the deep, pristine prayers.The wholeness of the sea doesn’t need an explanation.

The greatness of the sea embraces your eternity.

All Orto Parisi fragrances are hidden in a box that opens up into a metropolis and reveals an infinite hole in the center. Megamare floats in a glass flask with a tumbled silver metal cap with greenish corrosion caused by the salty waters with an inlaid seashell.

Perfumer: Alessandro Gualtieri

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