Sara Bonnyman Pottery

Anniversary Slate Moss Scuttle (Large)

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A Handmade Treasure for Wet Shavers

Origin: Canada
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A Handmade Treasure for Wet Shavers

Please note: The Moss Scuttle is a handmade, artisinal product and each piece will have unique variations and minor inconsistencies in the finish. These are normal and are part of the appeal of this unique product. If you are looking for a perfect factory-finished item, this is not for you. If you appreciate having a one-of-a-kind handmade tool in your shaving routine, you cannot go wrong with the Moss Scuttle!

What is a shaving scuttle? Traditionally, it's a shave mug with a bowl on top that is perforated with tiny holes. This allowed the water to drain off, meaning they can only be used with solid shaving soaps. Scuttles also had a spout similar to a tea kettle, which would dunk their shaving brushes in. Dr. Chris Moss, along with noted potter Sara Bonnyman took these ideas in mind and created a great adaptation of the traditional shaving method - The Moss Scuttle. There are no drain holes, and the spout has been replaced with a small slit to keep the hot water from cooling off while shaving. It is an ingenious design that has become an essential for those who use a brush and straight razor to shave.

The 5th Anniversary Slate Moss Scuttle captures the essence of wet shaving. Its unique slate gray glaze is interesting, masculine, and distinguished, like its owner. Used throughout the world, this scuttle celebrates the epic story of a wet shaver's dream, a shave that remains hot throughout. Each scuttle is a true artisan work and a very special object. They take a month to make, and are individually hand thrown by Sara Bonnyman, then dried, fired, and glazed.

See for yourself why so many wet shavers can't live without The Moss Scuttle!


The large Moss Scuttle has an outer rim diameter of approximately 4.25 inches and a bowl diameter of approximately 3.5 inches.

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