1520 Shave Brush - Boar Bristle

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Quality Brushes Since 1955

Origin: Portugal
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Quality Brushes Since 1955

Semogue has been handcrafting high-quality shave brushes since the 1950s. One of the most iconic brushes from Semogue, the 1520 boar bristle shaving brush has a gorgeous painted Beech Wood handle and its 21mm knotted loft is densely filled with high quality boar bristle hair. Although the brush can be used with any kind of shaving cream, it truly shines when used with a shave soap -- the stiff bristles create a rich lather in just seconds.

  • Painted Beech Wood handle
  • Boar Bristle Hair
  • Knot: 21 mm, Loft: 50 mm
  • Handle height: 48 mm

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