Black Walnut Leaves - Cut (Juglans nigra)

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Origin: Germany



Nuc Frunze

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Black Walnut (Juglans nigra) is a large, deciduous tree, native to Eastern North America, proliferating in woods and backyards all across the US. For those that know the Black Walnut as a common backyard fixture might say it’s a tree that does not play well with others. Not only does it drop a vast quantity of dark black hulled nuts that stain everything they come in contact with, it also dispenses a rare, natural herbicide called juglone from its roots to ward off any competing plants in its vicinity. That is all indeed true, but only a small part of the story.

Black Walnut is one of the true, great giants in our midst, a stalwart hardwood, and has been prized for its therapeutic and medicinal value for centuries. The abundant nuts provide delicious, nutrient rich food that can be easily stored for winter, the hulls have long been used for medicines and dyes. Black Walnut leaves are anti-oxidant and astringent, their beneficial properties readily extracted in water. Dried Black Walnut leaves can be infused to make a skin compress, or steeped as a slightly tannic and bitter, nutritious tea. 

For many centuries, people from all over the globe have found fresh herbs to be a gentle yet effective health-enhancing blessing. These are our own hand packed loose herbs, packaged in old world apothecary style, air tight brown paper canisters to keep light and moisture out, and freshness in. Use in teas, tinctures, and elixirs.

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