Chicory Root Roasted - Cut (Cichorium intybus)

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Origin: Germany



Cicoare Radacina

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If you’ve ever visited New Orleans, you likely have fond memories of sitting by the water, beignet in hand and sipping an earthy, nutty cup of coffee, the likes you’ve never had before, or probably since! Roasted Chicory root is that magical, unforgettable flavor, and has long been used in many parts of the world as a delicious and healthy alternative or additive to coffee. It doesn’t contain any caffeine or stimulants; it’s the rich, almost smoky flavor Chicory has that satisfies or compliments a coffee craving. Chicory contains high levels of inulin, a natural prebiotic that is very helpful in supporting gut health and keeping the entire digestive system running smoothly. Add these roasted granules to your coffee grounds, or use them to substitute your morning coffee altogether for a satisfying, healthy alternative.

For many centuries, people from all over the globe have found fresh herbs to be a gentle yet effective health-enhancing blessing. These are our own hand packed loose herbs, packaged in old world apothecary style, air tight brown paper canisters to keep light and moisture out, and freshness in. Use in teas, tinctures, and elixirs.

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