Organic Red Roses

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Origin: India
Scent: Rose
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Most people have experienced the power that rose has on our mind and emotions. The scent of a rose seems to almost universally lift the spirits and spark a smile; the gift of a rose is a pure gesture of the heart, an expression of love. Taking rose into your body in some form, or using it on your skin can be a heightened experience of these powers - soothing, uplifting, an expression of self-love! Herbalists and medicine makers have long turned to rose to support the physical heart, but perhaps even more commonly, rose is used for the spiritual heart: depression, sadness and heartbreak. These are more extreme emotional distresses, but rose can be used anytime to connect to a more spiritually and emotionally grounded sense of self. Rose can help us learn to open our hearts and still protect ourselves with secure boundaries.

Rose is a wonderful balm for soul, spirit and skin. It makes a delightful tea or infused honey, incorporated into massage oils and salves, fragrances or bath soaks. Rose can also be used in countless culinary applications: cooking, baking, beverages, bitters and liqueurs.


Organic rose petals and buds

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