Witch Hazel Leaves - Cut (Hamamelis virginiana)

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Origin: Germany
German: Hammemelisblaetter
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Witch Hazel - (Hamamelis virginiana) also known as Winter Bloom, is a large shrub native to North American woodlands, forests and stream banks, usually around 15-20 feet tall, but can get to an impressive reach of almost 30 feet in its native habitat. Witch Hazel can be identified by its bright yellow flowers that bloom in the fall - four crinkled petals on each, widely dispersed along its long, spindly branches. Flowers and fruit are present together from October through December, with the fruit extending to the next growing season. Its scientific name stems from the Greek word hama, meaning at the same time, and melon meaning apple or fruit. The name Witch Hazel is probably derived from the old anglo-saxon word ‘wych’ that means ‘bend’. Witch hazel was commonly used as a divining rod to find water in the late middle ages. If the branch bent when held to the ground - water was present. Witch Hazel is most commonly used for its tannic and astringent qualities. The dried leaf can be infused or tinctured for topical use, or steeped and drunk as tea.

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