Yellow Dock (Cut)

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Origin: Poland
German: Gelbes Dock
Romanian: Galben chei
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Yellow Dock - (Rumex crispus) also known as Curly Dock, is one of the most impressive everyday plants you’ve probably never noticed. Native to Europe, but now proliferating all over the world, Yellow Dock can grow to over 4 feet high with pale green flower stalks that turn reddish brown in the fall. Yellow Dock is famous for being able to grow in any kind of soil. It likes to lurk in neglected environments like abandoned lots and overgrown roadsides, along waterbanks and vast open fields. Its seeds are contained in its abundant, spire-like flowers that have the ability to float on air and water and attach to passersby of every type, giving the plant the ability to travel far and wide. Yellow Dock has always been a popular medicinal plant in Native American tribes, being used for everything from blood cleansing and constipation to a preparation for ritual ceremony. Rich in iron, potassium, and vitamins A and C, Yellow Dock is widely appreciated as a cleansing, nutritive herb that supports liver function and overall healthy digestion. Dried Yellow Dock Root makes a wonderful addition to a homemade bitters formula, tinctured on its own, or decocted by the brave for a bracingly bitter tea.

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