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Incense Rose Eau de Parfum

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...Is A Girl's Best Friend

Origin: Switzerland
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...Is A Girl's Best Friend

Vibrant and rich, Incense Rose is a mysterious fragrance. Like a thick, flying oriental carpet woven out of rose petals, Incense Rose floats on a waft of frankincense, citrus, and dark balsamic resins. Bergamot's green intensity is offset by the sweet, playful citrus, clementine. Clementine's dulcet acid is a seamless segue to the soft, floral spice of cardamom, the cool-hot strength of which diffuses the stark, citric light at the top of this scent and recreates these illuminations as creamy, luminous textures. The rose that follows is a perfect textural pair to this spice suffused citrus. This bloom is as dense and cool as Marilyn Monroe's favorite, definitively pink rendition of ?'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend.'' Like Monroe's mauve-fuschia gown, this flower is taut and revealing yet gracefully layered and sculptural. Incense smokes up this shiny, pretty palate, as if rose is burning from the inside out, bursting past a transformational corner. Orris root keeps this transition accessible, its powdery richness a contrast that stands up to incense's smothering power. Castoreum is similarly solid, a rich, nutty, sweaty sweetness that grounds Incense Rose before a final flourish of green woods and resins. As cedarwood and sandalwood interweave with vetiver and patchouli, myrrh's tangy, rich power resolves this scent, a thicker texture than the preceding incense. With its green, almost oleaginous density, myrrh is eminently well suited to this concentrated brilliance of rose. This final duality is a defining aspect of Incense Rose, which is a fundamentally tart-sweet, light-dark fragrance. A balanced, androgynous Tauer-strong scent, Incense Rose is unique, unbeatable bittersweet romance. (bergamot, clementine, cardamom, wild rose chord, incense, orris root, castor, Texan cedarwood, vetiver, balsamic, myrrh, patchouli)

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