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Never Travalo Without it!

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Never Travalo Without it!

Travalo refills directly from a standard perfume bottle. With their patented system, fragrance is never affected by exposure to the air and decants magically from one sealed bottle into another in just a few seconds, without any assembly or parts. Travalo Classic HD is designed to slip into bags or pockets easily and moves around smoothly, so you hardly know it's there until you need it. The incredible new high definition spray head atomizes fragrance into a luxurious mist that will surprise and delight you. With its integrated fill level indicator window you will always know how much fragrance is left and you never over fill it. Designed with a refillable and removable inner perfume vial, so that you can change your fragrance in an instant. No cleaning, no need to run it empty! Travalo is aircraft travel size approved, and its automatic pressure control system reacts to changes in air pressure, preventing any leaks.Please note: Travalo Atomizers are not compatible with all fragrance bottles. Please give us a call at 1.800.252.0275 with any questions.


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Remove the spray head from your perfume bottle. Place your Travalo upright on top of the nozzle peg Simply pump it up and down to fill. Keep pumping until the fragrance level reaches the top of the window. Do not overfill!

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