Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

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Quick & Effective!

Origin: India
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Quick & Effective!

The Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover swiftly and effortlessly does away with unwanted hairs on neck, chin, cheeks, and upper lip. This handy tool minimizes re-growth as it proficiently grasps the entire hair, including the follicle, removing hair at the root. The unique handles and high quality stainless steel coil spring successfully work together to remove areas of unwanted hair without the need for sticky wax or chemicals.Please note: this item comes in assorted colors. You will receive one item in one of the two colors pictured.


UPC: 038097009576

While resting the flat side of the coil on your face, twist the knobs with both hands (above the colored handles) in the direction of the arrows to effectively remove hair. Clean coil spring after each use with alcohol.

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