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Peppermint Remineralization Powder

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Balances the Mouth's pH

Origin: USA
Free Of:

fluoride, carrageenan, triclosan, artificial sweeteners, gluten, glycerin, and SLS.

Scent: Peppermint
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Balances the Mouth's pH

Remineralization Powder protects tooth enamel by neutralizing acids and bacteria, supplying calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus for strengthening teeth, and promoting an alkaline pH of the mouth.


Calcium carbonate, pink sea salt, organic marshmallow root, bamboo silica, alkalizing ionic minerals, puried ocean water, magnetic earth, essential oils of organic eucalyptus, organic peppermint, organic clove, and organic oregano.

UPC: 760286102200

Hold a pinch of powder in your mouth until wet with saliva. Swish with the alkaline saliva mixture for five minutes. Spit out. Rinsing not necessary. Use frequently, especially after meals.

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