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Clear Chest Herbal Syrup

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Herbal Bronchial Support

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Herbal Bronchial Support

Urban Moonshine's Clear Chest Herbal Syrup is an expectorant formula blended to be fast-acting and supportive long-term. The herbal actives are in a base of raw honey and lemon to help them stay in the throat where they're most useful--and taste delicious too!The herbs in Urban Moonshine's Clear Chest Herbal Syrup support healthy lung and bronchial function.


Water, Organic Alcohol, Raw Honey, Org. Elecampane, Org. Thyme, Org. Licorice, Org. Lobelia, and Org. Lemon. GLUTEN FREE.

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For Bronchial support, take 7.5ml every 4-6 hours. 30-35% Alcohol. GLUTEN FREE. Not to be used in pregnancy or lactation. Safe for children (at adjusted dose).

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