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Clear Chest Herbal Syrup

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Herbal Bronchial Support

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Herbal Bronchial Support

Urban Moonshine's Clear Chest Herbal Syrup is an expectorant formula blended to be fast-acting and supportive long-term. The herbal actives are in a base of raw honey and lemon to help them stay in the throat where they're most useful--and taste delicious too!The herbs in Urban Moonshine's Clear Chest Herbal Syrup support healthy lung and bronchial function.


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Water, Organic Alcohol, Raw Honey, Org. Elecampane, Org. Thyme, Org. Licorice, Org. Lobelia, and Org. Lemon. GLUTEN FREE.

For Bronchial support, take 7.5ml every 4-6 hours. 30-35% Alcohol. GLUTEN FREE. Not to be used in pregnancy or lactation. Safe for children (at adjusted dose).

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