Ummo Eau De Parfum

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Inspired By Sacred Rituals

Origin: Mexico
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Inspired By Sacred Rituals

Ummo is a tribute to tobacco, one of the most representative and symbolic plants of the American continent. The smoke given off by the dried leaves of tobacco is considered sacred and has been used for spiritual rituals, healing, and purification ceremonies since long before European commodification made the plant synonymous with indulgence and bad habits. It's this older, purer expression of tobacco that makes Ummo such a uniquely potent and spiritual experience- as rich and spicy as any tobacco scent, but with a gorgeously naturalistic green floral character, enhanced with fresh jasmine tobacco flowers and the sweet resinousness of styrax. A warm but bright tonka and cedar base manages to feel both ethereal and comforting, establishing Ummo as a uniquely soulful tobacco scent, and a welcome addition to Xinu's already impressive lineup.

Notes: Tobacco leaf absolute, jasmine tobacco flowers, liquidambar resin, tonka bean absolute, cedar wood essence and a drop of honey.



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