Zodiac Gift Guide: 22 Gifts That’ll Impress The Discerning Virgo In Your Life

Zodiac Gift Guide: 22 Gifts That’ll Impress The Discerning Virgo In Your Life

August 28, 2019

Happy Virgo season! From August 23 through September 22, you’ll be celebrating late summer babies who are known for their sharp minds and adaptable attitudes. Virgos are go-getters who can do a lot with very little. Since they know how to make things happen, it might seem like they don’t want for much, so gift-giving can be challenging. To simplify gift shopping during Virgo season, we’ve selected the very best items for the hardworking person in your life that deserves them the most. 

As the perfectionist of the zodiac, Virgos can be prone to stress and nervous tension. Possessing a penchant for order and control, combined with the fact that their sign rules the nervous system and intestines is a recipe for near-constant, free-floating anxiety. Can you blame them? Their deep intellect and restless ambition make them primed for success, but that doesn’t come without a little worry. 

Choose gifts that will remind them to relax and take care of themselves. A soothing balm made with eucalyptus, citronella, clove, and peppermint will become a daily essential, especially because of the convenient roll-on packaging. An anxiety-relieving herbal supplement will be perfect for times when burnout is imminent. Bath products with ingredients like hemp and valerian will help them unwind and rest. 


From Left: Stress Relief Herbal Bath With Hemp by Dresdner Essenz, $11.95; Hinoki Aroma Oil (Japanese Cypress) by Chidoriya, $19.99; Peace Soothing Balm Roll-On by Spa Ceylon, $10; Anxiety Soother by Herb Pharm, $14.50; Valerian Hop Sweet Dreams Bath Salts by Kneipp, $20

The sixth sign of the zodiac is known for having practical style and great judgment. Unlike their oft overindulgent astrological neighbor, the Leo, Virgos can sometimes lean a bit utilitarian in their preferences. They favor high-quality, functional items over following fleeting trends. The colors that rule this sign are navy blue and grey. 

Celebrate your most organized loved one by picking out gifts that they’ll actually find useful. A Dopp Kit is the perfect gift for the traveling Virgo. Help them keep their essentials organized in a stylish, wax canvas bag. A classic pastel polish in a fun, minty fresh shade will fit their style perfectly. Choose a practical, multi-use stick that can be used on eyes, lips, and cheeks for a sheer wash of color. Traditional shaving sets will be loved by the Virgo with discerning taste. 


From Left: Grey Wax Canvas Dopp Kit Bag by Defy Bags, $63; Bitter Buddhist Nail Lacquer, $18; Seduce Eye Polish by RMS Beauty, $28; I Put A Spell On You (Tangerine) Multistick by ILIA, $34; Pure Soap by Zador, $11.90; Rytmo Traditional Shaving Set - Stone Gray by Muhle, $165

As an earth sign, Virgos are logical and extremely grounded in reality. They’re results-driven people who don’t make a habit of daydreaming. It may be surprising to learn that they actually love nature. As analytical thinkers, experiencing nature can help them get out of their heads and find a reprieve from tiring mental chatter.  

Fragrances for home and body that reflect natural wonders will impress Virgos instantly. A raw, animalic fragrance like Ulrich Lang’s Aperture will appeal to the intellectual that strives for uniqueness above all else. A collection of classy candles inspired by violets will give Virgos a glimpse of the outdoors, even when they’re inside making a detailed outline of their five-year plan. An herbaceous, green fragrance like D.S. & Durga’s Cowboy Grass will help to bring the headstrong Virgo back down to Earth.  


From Left: Aperture Eau de Parfum by Ulrich Lang New York, $200; Labdanum Eau de Parfum by O’Douds Apothecary, $90; La Selection Violette 3 Piece Candle Set by Byredo, $120; Tzora Eau de Parfum by Anat Fritz, $180, Santal Sandalwood Candle by Diptyque, $65; Cowboy Grass Eau de Parfum by D.S. & Durga, $175

Morning glory and pansies are the two flowers that rule this sign. Pansies symbolize thinking, perfect for the person whose mind never seems to stop running.  Like the ambitious Virgo, most morning glory flowers unravel into full bloom in the early morning. Allow your favorite Virgo to enjoy a few luxurious moments with floral-inspired gifts, that are still practical. 

A delicate, pansy scented body lotion is perfect for the Virgo that avoids overpowering scents. Allow them to unwind with morning glory scented incense and a matching holder. Weleda’s Skin Food is a moisturizer made with organic pansy, a natural antiseptic. It’s loved by skincare experts and makeup artists the world over. Discerning Virgos will appreciate the expert endorsement.


From Left: Condessa Pansy Body Lotion by Claus Porto, $30; Firming Mask by Dr. Hauschka, $56; Morning Glory Incense Sticks by Nippon Kodo, $6.50; Skin Food by Weleda, $18.99; Morning Glory Incense Stand by Nippon Kodo, $7.90

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