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Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

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Helps Soothe, Tone & Moisturize Your Skin

Origin: Bulgaria
Scent: Rose
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Helps Soothe, Tone & Moisturize Your Skin

Rose Water is a time-honored beauty tradition with a variety of uses. Used as a toner, this rose water helps soothe, tone, and moisturize your skin. Loaded with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Alteya Organics Rose Water is a great toner for anybody struggling with sensitive skin or acne. The rejuvenating rose fragrance uplifts the spirits and harmonizes the mind. Use as a bathtub supplement for stress relief. Dab a bit on your palms for a refreshing fragrance. Can be used to hydrate your skin and hair, or as an ingredient in homemade cosmetics. By using a unique distillation technique, which embodies century-old traditions and modern technologies Alteya Organics distills a special grade of rose flower water that preserves the biodynamic energy of the rose plant. 100% organically grown and ethically harvested from Alteya Organic's family rose farm in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley.


100% pure steam distilled rose flower water.

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