All Purpose Facial Moisturizer

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Lightweight, Everyday Moisture From Sugarcane

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Lightweight, Everyday Moisture From Sugarcane

Regardless of the season, it's imperative to hydrate after you cleanse. Even the most gentle of cleansers leave your skin dry. Invest wisely. Get yourself an everyday moisturizer that's easy to absorb, light weight, and has anti-aging properties such as the All Purpose Facial Moisturizer.Pairs well with Algae Facial Cleanser, Pre-Shave Oil and Shave Gel.Helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Lightweight, non-greasy formula. Good for all skin types, for men and women.


Sugarcane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon Extracts (natural AHAs) ? help erase and prevent wrinkles Wheat Protein ? smooths and tightens Panthenol ? retains moisture Vitamins A, C and E ? provides antioxidant protection.

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