Shave Soap Stick

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A Turkish Classic!

Origin: Turkey
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A Turkish Classic!

Don't let the price fool you - Arko's Shave Soap Stick is a total steal! This classic Turkish shave soap creates a slick, thick, and creamy lather that is easily comparable more expensive soaps. Perfect for home or travel use - simply rub the stick on your wet face and lather it up with a brush, or take the long route and chop a piece off into a shave mug. Arko has a creamy, slightly citrus fragrance, remniscent of old-timey bar soaps.


Potassium Tallowate,Stearic Acid,Potassium Cocoate,Aqua,Sodium Palm Kernelate,Glycerin,Parfum,Paraffinum Luquidum,Titainum Dioxide,Tetrasodium EDTA,Etidronic Acid,Disodium Distrybiphenyl Disulfonate

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