1906 Classic Safety Razor with Bar Edge #42

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Modern Razor With Vintage Charm

Origin: USA
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Modern Razor With Vintage Charm

The Merkur 1906 Classic Safety Razor combines modern precision with vintage charm. This attractive razor with a faceted handle is an updated version of a 1906 design. Non-slip, etched handle with six sides to provide excellent grip and balance, and a safety bar to protect the skin.

Safety razors come closest to replicating the amazing shave experience of a straight razor used in traditional barbershops. Merkur safety razors shave evenly and smoothly for a very satisfying shave without razor burn or irritation. And the double edge blades used in safety razors last longer and are cheaper than cartridge razor blades.

If you typically suffer from shaving irritation, ingrown hairs, razor burn, or shaves that just don't seem close enough, consider using safety razors. Though they may resemble the razors your grandfather used, the blades and razors have been updated with the newest technologies and are making a huge comeback among today's men searching for the best. Part # 42

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