Duro Extrait de Parfum

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Origin: Netherlands
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Scent: Leather
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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

''The fragrance aims to enhance all the manifestations of male strength.'' The Nose. Boldly masculine, Duro is a raw, bittersweet woodsy scent that communicates an untamed, virile spirit. With speculated notes of wood, leather, and spices, this fragrance begins with a sharp, invigorating tang, not unlike the smell of fresh sap or of a particularly tart resin, slowly heating over flame. Yet just as we think Duro may veer into a smoky territory, it begins to fizz, as if it contains some combustible energy. Like the minute pops in a material that indicate air bubbles, Duro bubbles with oxygenated vibrations. Like a craftsman's studio, suddenly infused with fresh air, Duro begins to refresh, natural accents of herbs and bright greens infusing this spicy, woody scent with a light hearted verve. Yet as it dips into naturalism, Duro maintains a slightly fantastical, mythic dimension, as if each familiar component comprised herein is made in an unorthodox fashion; spices are gaseous vapors, instead of solid powders; wood is made of pockmarked, painted polyurethane and leather. Not a fresh skin, but a fabric made of recycled plant-life. Just as Duro appears to be comfortingly familiar and charming, it inevitably surprises, forcing us to readjust our expectations of how scent (and impressions of gender in scent) are constructed.

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